“We were forced to exercise our instincts of self-preservation …because we understood that a man-made law could not possibly wipe away our common sense when it came to survival.” Elvy Musikka, Federal Medical Marijuana Patient

Our Position on the Legalization of Marijuana

We understand that the decision to legalize the medicinal use of marijuana belongs to each state. We feel that the federal government should support this practice and drop the act of considering the practice “federally illegal”.

Rather than funding the efforts used to prosecute those individuals who have by a medical profession (in the form of a written prescription) to use cannabis medicinally, we feel that the federal government should allocate those funds toward further scientific research regarding the short and long term side effects of cannabis.

Among many other useful applications, marijuana has proven beneficial in the management of ailments such as:

  • chronic pain
  • gastrointestinal disease
  • side effects of chemotherapy

However, there are many facts about the long term use of marijuana that are yet unknown.  We feel that this is due to the pre-existing stigma that is associated with the use of marijuana and our government’s determination to propagate unfounded and negative information surrounding its use.

We believe that excessive regulation of marijuana is directly harmful to our nation’s citizens, which is in direct contrast to the expectation that our federal government should be held responsible for protecting citizens and maintaining order in our country.

It is our position that the depth of the federal government’s intervention in the legalization of marijuana should extend to the funding of medical and scientific research and the creation of such federally-paid research positions.

Finally, we believe that each state must tax the product accordingly, while federal tax imposed on the product should feed directly into the aforementioned research initiatives.


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